WIN: The Katy and VJ Series by Baby Elephant Books

The Katy and VJ Series by Baby Elephant Books make great gifts for any occasion or no occasion at all because you never need an excuse to promote literacy, especially when reading with Katy and VJ is fun, interactive, and educational.

Katy and VJ are two preschool age children who use their imagination and things from around their house to pretend about jobs in their area of interest and that use their skills and abilities.

Our Books are Fun

Each book is chalk full of dramatic play ideas to help children pretend to be different jobs in their area of interest Librarians, educators, and parents can use the ideas in the book to act out each job and make career education fun for children of any age, by using things you commonly find around the house. A set of earmuffs and a q-tip are now a sports broadcaster headset, so turn down the volume on the TV and let your child narrate the next game. An ordinary butter box can be transformed into a camera and your child can use their artwork to create a photo shoot while they pretend to be photographers. The possibilities are endless and there is no right way to use the books; the only things we ask is that you have fun with them and remember that work can be fun when we are doing something we love.

Our Books are Educational

As you turn through the pages you will notice professionals in each book are featured in nontraditional gender roles and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and ages to promote diversity, but our books are also highly educational and adaptable to children of all ages. Part of our vision is linking career education to everything children learn, so that they don’t learn just to pass the tests but to explore future job options. This approach helps children develop a love for learning, so they want to complete school to advance to their chosen career, rather than dropping out because they are bored and don’t see the point. For example, our daughter learned her shapes and colors while being the animal patrol officer and she is learning to ride her bike through the ice resurfacing machine operator. Simple, maybe, but we can teach things like division through the pet pastry chef, physics through the footwear engineer, and computer programming through the animal shelter website administrator. In the near future we will have our curriculum up on the Katy and VJ site but until then, we are happy for you to contact us for curriculum ideas. Just like children learn the names, habitats, diets, and other random facts about animals, we encourage them to learn the same things about jobs. Although our daughter loves dinosaurs too and we teach her all about them, in reality, when is she ever going to meet a Stegosaurus? If you are wondering if it is too difficult to teach a 2 year old about a sports psychologist and the word imagery might be too advanced of a concept, look at all the other things your child is learning and reevaluate your perspective. They are capable of learning anything we present them with, especially when it is fun and they can use dramatic play to explore the world around them. When we fail to educate about career options from an early age, our children’s exposure is limited and we cheat them out of future jobs they never even got to consider. Look back on your career knowledge and did you even know there was such a thing as a sports psychologist when you were in high school? We can’t become what we don’t know and we can’t be truly happy at work unless we love what we do. Check out our adult workshops if you don’t get up every morning and say, “YEAH! I get to go to work today!” That is our goal for children of this generation. Yes we know work is not all fun and games and there will be bad days, but what if most of our days were as fun as children have using and playing with our books. Give this simple gift to a child in your life today by ordering our books online.

Looking for a new fundraiser for your child’s preschool, elementary school, or sports league? Baby Elephant Books offers fundraisers where groups earn up to 51% of sales. And it isn’t too late to cash in this spring for extra money for a year-end school field trip or a fun summer sports camp for your team.

To preview, or to order your own Baby Elephant Books, visit The Katy and VJ Series by Baby Elephant Books make great gifts for any occasion or no occasion at all because you never need an excuse to promote literacy, especially when reading with Katy and VJ is fun, interactive, and educational.These 38 page durable books are ideal for kids 2-10 at only $8.95. They also offer media mail so you save on shipping. Discounts are offered when purchasing more than one book.

If you are a mom looking for some extra cash in these tough economic times, Baby Elephant Books allows you to buy their books at 50% off and sell them at cost or higher. A box of 30 will earn you an average of $150 and there are no registration fees or commitment. Whether you just want to make one extra payment on your credit card or you want to sell year-round to help pay for dance lessons for your daughter or to save for a family vacation, Baby Elephant Books can help. Finally, if you love to host parties and you love kids, they can train you to provide preschool sports camps and ‘Doggie Days Out’ in your community as birthday parties, story-times, family nights, etc.

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