Tell The Easter Story With Resurrection Eggs

Over 10 years ago I came across a new family tradition called “Resurrection Eggs”. You can either purchase this or create your own. I happened to purchase mine which came complete with 12 eggs filled with various items to assist me in telling the Eater story to my Children along with a booklet that had the story broken down to go with each egg. We have used this fun tradition to share the Easter story with our children each year.

There are several ways to use these Resurrection eggs.

1. Daily countdown – Open and egg each day telling a portion of the Easter Story.
2. Tell the entire story at once opening each egg at the appropriate time in the story.
3. Host a Easter Party for friends, neighbors and family and share the Easter story with the children using the Resurrection eggs.

If you are interested in purchasing your Resurrection eggs I found a great deal at they are on sale for $12.99.

To make your own Resurrection eggs Click here to download 24/7 MOMS Resurrection Eggs instructions.

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2 Responses

  1. I found out about these last year and didn't have enough time before Easter to make them.
    I am excited to use them this year. I am going to open 1 each day.

  2. We love our Resurrection eggs. While I didn't get a chance to make mine, I did get them on an after Easter clearance a few years back for $2.50. Definitely something every home should have for their family. : )

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