Home Office Organization Tips:

by: Amy Hannold,

24/7 MOMS Frugal Living Editor

Clutter cost you time and money. Get in the habit of continually cutting clutter and putting paper in its place. When it has accumulated, tackle the job in one area of the house, one shelf or drawer at a time. Look at the job in steps, rather than mountains. Set yourself up to succeed at reducing clutter, here’s how:

Have Your Tools at Hand: Color-coded files, marking pens, labels, file boxes, recycle box, shredder and a garbage can are what you need. Find supplies at garage sales, your own closets, second-hand stores, and office supply sales. Acquire or find other organizing components which meet your needs and preference. Shoe boxes, plastic boxes or file holders, baskets, and drawer organizers can become integral parts of your new system.

Start with a Clear Space: Many of us already have the pile or avalanche awaiting us. Clear off the desk and place the papers on the floor. You’re going to return them to the desk or drawer in their newly designated place.

Sort and Categorize: Define your files and organized spaces. “To Read”, “To File”, “To Pay”, “To Do”,“Taxes”, “School”, and other categories should be written on the files you place the appropriate papers into. To goal is to find paperwork, when you need it without wasting precious time.

Inform and Inspire Your Family: Get the whole family into the new goal of cutting clutter. Show them where things go, and how they can organize their own space. Kids as well as husbands can be gifted the tools they need and a space all their own to be organized. 3-Ring notebooks, are a great tool for keeping each child’s school and extra-curricular information in. Art, “best” papers from school and their ideas for family fun are possible categories for your child’s notebook.

How Do I Keep It Clutter-Free?:

Designate a few minutes each day to read, review and sort paperwork. Utilize shredders and recycle boxes immediately when you’re done reading the mail. Realize that as you find you “To Do’s”, “To Read’s” and prepare for annual taxes, with less stress –you’re reaching your decluttering goals! Reward yourself with time for a hobby or book. Doesn’t free time feel good? Inspire children with stickers to decorate their organizing spaces when they’re following the system. Show your appreciation for your husband’s attempts at being organized with little notes left to greet him. Reinforce new habits with words, and occasional surprises to encourage long-term commitment – you’re a great team!

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  1. I did this last week. It is amazing the amount I got rid of. It looks so much better & I have so much more room.

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