Green Lunch For St. Patrick’s Day

Create St. Patrick’s day fun for your little Leprechaun hunting kids by packing or serving them a GREEN lunch.

I gathered some fun ideas from our 24/7 MOMS Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Green Lunch Ideas:

Main dish:

Bagel with Green Cream cheese (food coloring)

Sandwich with Green dyed homemade bread

Pasta with Green pesto sauce

Pasta with green Alfredo sauce ( food coloring)

peanut butter w/green apple jelly

Green Veggies:




Green beans




Green Snap peas



Green Fruits:

Green apples

Green Grapes


Honey Dew melon

Green Sweets and Treats:

Bag of Green Sour Skittles

Bag of Green Wonka Spree’s

Green Frosted cookies or cupcakes

Green Lime jell-o

Green pistachio pudding

Green Trix Yogurt ( strawberry/kiwi)

Lime sherbet

Green rice krispie treats ( food coloring)

Green fruit roll up

Green M&M’s

Green Bag of Chips

Green Fishy Crackers

Color to make Green: (using food coloring):


Cream Cheese

Home made bread

Green Drinks:

Green container of Apple juice box

Smoothies – (food coloring)

Milk ( food coloring)

Green Sport Drink

And don’t forget the Green Napkin, straw, plastic ware, green lunch sack and green note from you.

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

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  1. I enjoyed watching this come together. We did this. My hubby bought vegies wraps (that are green naturally) and we made sandwiches with them, then included pears, snap peas, and sliced bell peppers (my kids like weird things, I know). Anyway, thanks for the great idea. Lots of smiles from our home!

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