2 Dozen Egg- ceptional Easter Egg Filler

The Bunny in my house is getting ready to fill dozens of plastic eggs for the big hunt on Easter morning. What will the short people in my house find Easter morning? A few of these fun and creative ideas I am sure.

Bite- size Candy bars

Animal Crackers

Teddy Grahams

Fishy crackers

Colored mini marshmellows


Mini boxes of raisins

Small plastic toys of interest to the child.

Fake bugs


Stickers / Tattoos

Hot Wheels cars (without any detachable parts)

Hair barrettes/bows for girls.

Magnets – alphabet / numbers


Fun band aides

Barbie outfits


Small plastic animals

Bunny Money – good for specific things Movie night, ice cream Sundays, 30 minutes past bedtime, etc.

Game tokens to Chuck E Cheese or other game place

Lip Gloss/ Chap Stick

Lego pieces (buy one toys then few in each egg)

Small doll toys/clothes (Polly Pockets, etc)

Reuse your eggs, grass and baskets each year

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