Bunny Money Fun – Alternative Egg Filler

Tired of all the candy your kids collect during their Easter egg hunt? We have a Fun Bunny Money alternative idea for you.

24/7 MOMS has created FREE down loadable printable Bunny Money for you to use in creating fun this coming Easter.

Steps to fun:

1. Print out Bunny Money by clicking here

2. Fill various plastic Easter eggs with Bunny Money

3. Create a bunny store – by purchasing and creating things for your kids to purchase with their Bunny Money. You can even make signs like a menu of items for sale and the cost of each one in Bunny Money.

Some examples of things you can have for sale in your store are

Coupons for Movie night
Favorite healthy snacks
Small toys
Coloring books
Work books
Coupon for Ice Cream after Dinner
Coupon for night out with mom or dad
Art supplies
the ideas are endless

4. Hide the Bunny Money filled eggs. Once your children have found all of their filled eggs, have them add up the amount of Bunny Money they each found.

5. Open up the bunny store for business and let your egg hunters begin their shopping.

Do you have other ideas on ways to use Bunny Money this Easter? Leave a comment and share with the 24/7 MOMS.

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