7 Meet And Greet Tips For Kids

1. Stand up -If you are sitting down when approached – Stand up and Smile.

2. Eye contact – Look the person who you are greeting or talking to in the eye.

3. Handshake – When meeting someone move towards them and offer a handshake especially if it is someone you are meeting for the first time.

4. Address – Address the person you are greeting by their name – “ Hi Mrs. Smith, its nice to see you?” and follow up with a question or comment such as How are you.

5. Introductions – Introducing others to your friends and family. Use the rule “ Star of the show goes first” and let the person know your connection to the person you are introducing them to.

Such as if you are introducing your mom to your Teacher say “ Mrs. Smith Id like you to meet my mom” or Mom, this is my friend Suzie she is in my class at school.

6. Hello ‘s When another person says “Hi” to you , respond back with your own “Hi” or “hello.”

7. Telephone greeting- Teach your kids how you want them to answer the phone. Such as “Novotny residence may I ask who is calling?” or “Novotny residence this is Caleb speaking.”

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