3 No Experience Needed Easter Favors-Hostess Gifts

No CRAFT experience needed to create these simple Goodie bags – Hostess gifts – Table favors for your Easter celebration.

#1 My Favorite PEEPS –

Materials Needed:
Snack size zip bags
5 PEEPS per bag
Bag Topper – Free from 24/7 MOMS Click here
Stapler or double sided tape

Place 5 peeps into snack size zip bags
Print free bag topper. Click here to print.
Attached bag topper to zip bag ( follow instruction son bag topper) with stapler or double sides tape

#2 Bunny in a bag

Materials Needed:
Chocolate Bunny or Bunny sugar cookie ( homemade or purchased from bakery)
Easter grass color of your choice
Cellophane bags
Easter/ spring ribbon

Place Easter small handful of Easter grass in bottom of bag
Place bunny in bag standing up
add in several chocolate eggs or M&M’s
close bag my tying ribbon into a bow.

* Add a tag with a special saying or quote if you desire.

#3 Treat Jar

Materials Needed:
Small empty jar – size of your choosing ( I purchased a small craft supply jar)
Easter candy ( jelly beans, M&M’s, etc.)
Scrap book paper, ribbons embellishments
Double sided tape

Decorate jar using the supplies you have chosen
Fill jar with candy

* Add a tag or sticker with a quote or note on it.

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