1/2 Dozen Easter Celebration Ideas

We’ve Been Egged!

This is a new tradition we started in the Novotny home a couple years ago. I purchased some fun plastic eggs and treats to go inside of the eggs. My two youngest and I filled the eggs and placed them in a Easter basket.

Once it was dark outside we headed to two of our neighbors homes, we then placed a sign on their door that said “We’ve been Egged” We left the basket of filled eggs on the doormat, rang the bell and ran like crazy so that we would not be seen. You remember the days of door bell ditch. Childhood memories in the making.

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Happy egging!

You are Egg-stra Special
One of my many MOMMY goals has been to teach my children the habit of giving. As you are fully aware we are living in an “all about ME” society, where our children are more influenced to think about themselves and what they can have and get then what they can give or do for others.

One way I am teaching/modeling the giving habit to my youngest boys is by having them create simple holiday gifts to give to their classmates throughout the school year.

A couple of years ago we came up with this SIMPLE “You are EGGSTRA Special” gift.

We created a business size card that says “You are EGGSTRA Special”, then punched a hole on the corner of it so that we could tie a piece of ribbon on it. Next we filled plastic eggs with treats and before we closed the egg we put part of the ribbon in the egg so that the Tag would dangle from egg by the ribbon.

Not only did my boys have fun making these simple gifts, they also felt the joy of giving when they got to hand each one of their classmates a simple gift from them.

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Bunny Trail Fun

Make a Easter Bunny foot print stencil -and leave a trail around the house by pouring carpet fresh on your Bunny Foot stencil, to appear as if the Bunny left his foot prints all over your house.

You can als0 get a little bit of white fur to leave somewhere as if the Easter bunny got his tail caught on something! At end of trial you can leave eggs or something or just make it look like the bunny was checking in on them while they slept.

Bunny Note

Each year write a note to your child/children from the Easter bunny place it in an egg that they find during their Egg hunt. You can include funny stories about your children in this letter, things you as the Easter Bunny know about them etc. Make it personal.

Candy Kiss Trail

Leave a trail of candy kisses that guide your child to their Easter basket . Be sure they don’t eat them along the trail or you just might have a sugar overloaded kid before they even find their Basket.

from: Las Cultras

It’s a tradition that’s said to originate in Italy, when men would toss hollow eggs filled with perfume at women they were attracted to. In Mexico, you can still see this behavior among young men and women. You might not see cascarones at the carnaval celebrations in the US, but like many other Latino traditions they have merged with US holiday traditions. Many Latino families have started coloring eggs just like any other family in the US. Rather than boiling them though, they’re emptied out and filled with confetti or toys. Imagine the kids finding an egg at the easter egg hunts and instead of filling up on boiled eggs or throwing them away, the kids find small toys inside or have an additional game of “tag” by covering their friends with confetti and egg shell.

Making Cascarones

Open the top of the egg.
You can do this using pins, a small nail or a knife.
Since it will be touching food, remember to sterilize whatever you use by running it over a flame.
Do it over a bowl so you can use the egg in a meal.
If you’re placing toys or candy in the eggs, you’ll want a larger hole to fit them in.
If you’re placing confetti in the egg, then you can place a small hole on each end and use a spoon to fill the egg.
Rinse out the inside of the egg.
Use egg dye, water colors, acrylic or finger paint to decorate the eggs (Be Gentle)
After the eggs dry, place a little glue around the edges of the opening and close it with a piece of tissue paper.
With the egg you emptied out, you can make Migas, Flan or another dish with egg in it.

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  1. Love the "You Are Eggstra Special" idea. Sounds like a fun project. I'm going to see if the boys want to do this.

    FYI – The "click here to download" at the bottom of that article isn't click-able.

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