Understanding The Misunderstood Child

As our family continues the journey of searching for answers and seeking help to understand our puzzle boy or better known as the misunderstood child, we often find amazing videos, stories and resources that inspire us.

I am inspired by the many families across the country that are willing to share their journey to remind us that we are not alone, to remind us there is hope, to remind us to keep advocating, to keep opening every door and turning over every rock to help the misunderstood be understood.

This particular video that I came across recently of course brought me to tears as I read the words across the screen of another mom sharing about her misunderstood child. Then I shared it with my daughter Savannah who’s response was Mom, This is about my brother, he is this little boy. Why doesn’t everyone understand the misunderstood, Isn’t it obvious?” .

Like many moms we wish it were that easy. We dream that those who stand on the sidelines watching us parent the misunderstood child will be supportive and understanding, that they won’t judge our parenting or be critical of how our child responds or acts in social settings, that they won’t assume they know better then us what our child needs. We can only continue to thicken our skin and march forward as we ourselves learn to understand the misunderstood who we call our precious children.

There is a line in this video that says ” Perhaps there is a reason God made me this way – some message he sent me to share.” I believe God has a plan and purpose for each of us. So, I have to agree that God has placed my misunderstood child into my life and yours for a purpose. So, I embrace the journey I travel understanding my misunderstood child.

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5 Responses

  1. Trisha, Everytime I see Caleb he makes me laugh. He is such a wonderful child (like all of your kids). I could never imagine the struggles you go through as a mother or him as a child being misunderstood. But you are right God made him like this and we love him just the way he is. He is a WONDERFUL boy with such a BIG heart!

  2. I totally believe God knows what he is doing when he places each child in a family. He knows each parent and each child intimately.

    Your son though misunderstood sounds like a special gift.

  3. Between the contradiction of understood and misunderstood is born a beautiful mystery that can only be taken as something other.

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