Mad Lib Valentine Exchange Idea

Mad Lib Fun

from: DeAnna Musgrove

I saw this really cute Valentines Day project last Februray and thought it would be perfect for my kids to make this year. Amazingly I still have my hand scratched notes almost a year later.

Here is what you will need:

mad lib pages, patterned papers
embroidery thread (craft floss)
white paper, small hole punch

I happen to scrapbook so I have scads of patterned papers on hand. If you don’t, you could give your child some printer paper and let them do some drawings and create their own patterned paper. Otherwise, you can pick up a few sheets of pretty paper at any craft store or most dollar stores. Just about any weight of paper will work but I found that the lighter the paper, the easier it was to roll nicely. Cut these papers to 3″ x 6 “.

Roll up a mad lib page, then roll the patterned paper around that. Secure with embroidery thread by wrapping around 8-10 times and tying in a knot. Leave some extra string at the end to tie on the message. I happened to have this kind of thread on-hand, but I’m sure you could be creative and make due with any kind of string or ribbon, so long as it wasn’t too wide or bulky.

I hand wrote the messages to go with the mad libs, but you could type them up and print them out. I used a paper punch with a tag shape but the original post I saw featuring this idea printed out the messages and cut them into rectangle shapes. Which ever method you choose, you will hole punch them and attach to an open end of the string.

The messages we used were: “I’m mad about you” , “I can’t lib without you”, “You have mad skillz”. If you come up with any other ideas for messages, please share them in a comment below. I’d love to hear what you come up with!

I love this project because our family loves mad libs. They are a fun element we like to add to our campfires in the Summer, though they are great fun any time of the year. Another reason I like this project is because it can be tailored to suit each child by letting them pick out the papers. A lot of Valenines Day merchandise can be girly but I don’t have any girls, so this is perfect for my clan of little men!

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