Let The Manner Games Begin- Fun Ways To Teach Manners

Yesterday we talked about the Parent Musts and Elbows off the table rules for teaching our kids table manners. Today I have three fun game ideas to assist you in teaching your kids table manners.

Oink Oink – This s a fun table manner reminder game. You will need some sort of pig either stuffed, plastic or a picture you have printed off the computer of a pig.

To Play –
If someone breaks a table manner rule that is on the list 2 or 3 of the ones you are working on and another family member squeals on him by saying “Oink, Oink ” the pig is then placed in front of the table manner breakers plate and they are informed as to what manner rule was broken.

Through out the meal the pig will travel to person to person as rules are broken. The last person with the little pig during the diner meal is the Oink , Oink helper of the night and given a kitchen duty such as clearing the table, sweeping the floor etc.

* A variation of the game would be to keep score and wait till the end of the week and decide who is the Oink, Oink helper.

Manners B-I-N-G-O – Using manners bingo cards with various table manners written in each square to play Bingo. You can download FREE manners bingo cards .

To Play:
If one of the table guest ( family members) is seen doing a great job on one or more of their table manners they get to put a “X” on that square. The first one to get a bingo wins.

* From moreofamom.com

Table Manner QUIZ –
Give a pop quiz to your family members (and Mom and Dad too!) on what kinds of things you should and shouldn’t do at the dinner table. The winner gets to pick who washes the dishes that evening. Click here to get your FREE pop quiz.

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