Building an Emergency Kit

Amy Hannold, 247Moms Frugal Living Editor

If you’re like most families, you likely have the tools and supplies for an emergency kit in amongst your home. When an emergency happens, having those items together, and in good condition will make all the difference. Planning and procuring the supplies can be done a little at a time, and affordably.
Clean, safe, and identified kits are essential for each person in your home. Special needs for family members and pets also need to be addressed. All members of your family and caregivers need to know where the kits are. Emergency kits are for emergencies, and should be separate from your everyday pantry and closets.
Here are some resources which will give you an idea of what you’ll need: is the premiere website for Emergency Preparedness. Here are their instructions for building a kit: offers short videos, prepared by a Red Cross Representative. These videos demonstrate, in several segments, great ideas and instructions:
Center for Disease Prevention lists general ideas for building kits for your home, office and car. They also discuss involving children and preparing your pets:

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