Affordable Organization

by: Amy Hannold,

Organization can be “bought” or it can be created. Budget constraints may prevent you from buying ready-made, designated organization tools. Creating your organizational systems can be not only frugal, but more functional. When you make your tools, or find them from your home – it’s empowering. You can say, “I Did It!” – and you’ll spur others on to do the same.

Ready? Grab a spiral notebook or three-ring binder. If you’re going to go to the effort of planning, keep your plans in one place. When you find ideas online or in magazines, clip them inside your notebook for later inspiration. (You are “miscellaneous paper” filing, already – I told you this could be done!)

Choose an area to organize. Don’t attack your home all in one day! Short, focused moments spent on one problem area will gain you the best in return. Make a list of what needs organization in that area. Draw or note what could be added and/or changed to increase efficiency. Do a quick online search for what bought organization looks like, and tailor your plans to meet your needs.

Use what you have. Look throughout your home for items that can be used to organize. Think boxes, empty coffee cans, baskets, and those many unused plastic containers. Food storage boxes make great drawer and cabinet organizers. Transform their appearance with contact paper – or let your kids do the decorating.

Have a Plan! Have list? Go shopping! For the moment, bypass retail and look in second-hand stores and garage sales for organizational supplies. Again, think creatively when you see a box or basket. Refer to your notes for the kinds of tools you need. Come home with only that which will help you in your goal. As you shop for tools (and tools alone), re-train your brain against bringing home clutter. Clean, re-cover, and put your new system elements to work.

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