25 Ways To Love Your Man

1. Plan weekly date nights.

2. Daily date – be responsive to him, let him know you look forward to his coming home.

3. Clean up the bedroom, create a romantic atmosphere, music, candles, etc.

4. Send hubby fun emails/text messages.

5. Give romantic creative gifts.

6. Pick your battles, Ask- is it really worth it?

7. Designate a sex night or schedule intimacy.

8. Wear sexy underwear and let him know.

9. Plan early morning coffee dates ( even if it is at home prior to kids waking up)

10 Put money in the budget for a sex life, lingerie, bedroom attire, etc.-spice it up.

11. Take bubble bathes/shower together.

12. Have a late night bedroom picnic.

13. Exchange foot massages or a back rub with special lotion.

14. Clean your wedding ring or look through your wedding pictures.

15. Take care of yourself; exercise, go for a walk, take a dance class.

16. Approach your marriage 100% not 50/50.

17. Read good marriage books.

18. Stop dressing frumpy…dress up once in a while.

19. Let go of the small stuff (like his socks on the floor).

20. Think about sex.

21. Verbally encourage him.

22. Go to bed at the same time- early in the evening.

23. Turn off the TV or computer at night – spend time together instead.

24. Leave love notes in unexpected places. i.e. briefcase, office, desk, underwear drawer, wallet, etc.

25. You start the change!

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