Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Red and pink is taking over the store isles as we begin counting down the days till Valentines Day. Today we have a two fun and simple crafts that can be used as class party crafts .

Candy Necklaces

Plastic wrap
Unwrapped or wrapped candy
Red, pink, and/or white ribbon

1. Unroll plastic wrap and cut 36 inches for child’s size or 48 inches for adult size.
2. Starting at the center lay unwrapped or wrapped candies 1 to 2 inches apart. Leave about 3 inches on each end.
3. Fold the plastic wrap around the candy forming a long tube.
4. Cut the ribbon 3 to 4 inches long.
5. Tie the ribbon between each candy.
6. Tie the ends together and add a ribbon for decoration!


Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Day color Construction Paper Paper Plate
Paper Plate
String for hanging

1. Cut lots of different sized and color hearts (white, pink, red, purple etc.).
2. Cut out the middle of the paper plate leaving just the rim.
3. Glue the hearts all the way around the rim to make the wreath. 4. Tie the string on the back of the wreath for hanging.



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