Snowman Party – Winter Style

On Monday My children and I will attend our first Snowman party hosted by my tradition junkie friend Valerie. What a FUN idea for a January celebration.

Plan your own Snowman Party and Celebrate Winter with these fun ideas:

Party FUN

– Watch Frosty the Snowman – which can be purchased at

– Play Pin the carrot nose on the Snowman or pin the top hat on the Snowman.

“Melting Snowball” like Hot Potato…wrap a package in white tissue paper.

Inside Snowball Fight. Divide the kids into two teams and have them hide behind a “snow fort,” a large cardboard box. Give each team a bucket of snowballs, such as ping pong balls. They must throw them through the other teams fort. If the ball hits the ground before making it inside the fort, it does not count. The team with the most balls inside the other team’s fort, wins


Crafty Snowmen

Beanie Snowman
from: Mom Ready

What do you do with all the single socks which have somehow lost their mates in the dryer? Make a family of snowmen, of course! This craft project uses things found around the house, and is a great boredom buster during the loooong winter holiday break.

Use a variety of sizes to make a Snow Family. The bigger the sock, the bigger the snowman. We used buttons, felt, sequins and feathers, but you can use anything you find around the house.

You can also use colored socks to make other people, gluing branches, pencils, or pipe cleansers on the sides for arms. Green socks make cute Martians, while pink make princesses with a little yellow yarn added for hair. Give your kids a bunch of trim and let their imaginations run wild.

Make sure to take pictures of your two families together for a cute holiday photo.

White Tube Sock
Rubber Bands
A variety of trim for decorations


– Take tube sock and fill the bottom with rice. Secure with a rubber band. The more rice you use the bigger the bottom section of your snow man.

– Repeat the first step two more times to make the middle section and head of the snowman. Make sure not to fill above the cuff of the sock.

– Fold over the top cuff stretching it out a bit to make the snowman’s hat.

– Decorate your snowman by gluing on various trim.



Written by: Amanda Formaro,

This darling snowman and snowwoman make the perfect couple. All bundled up for a cold winter’s day, and so easy, younger kids can make them too!

What You Need:

(For Each Snowman)


  • 1- 1 1/2″ diameter wooden ball
  • 1- 2 1/4″ diameter clay pot
  • 2 buttons
  • gold ribbon
  • child’s sock
  • material or mitten scrap
  • white craft or hot glue
  • black finetip marker
  • small and large paintbrushes
  • acrylic paints in white, orange and pink
  • clear coat spray


What You Do:

Place newspaper down on work surface. Turn clay pot over and glue wooden ball to bottom of pot. When glue is dry, use large paint brush to paint entire the outside of the clay pot and the entire wooden ball with white paint. Let dry and apply a second coat.
Cut the foot end off of the child’s sock. Create a brim by folding up the cuff of the sock, then position the cuff of the sock onto the “head” of the snowman (see photo). Glue the brim in place. Tie a piece of gold ribbon around the top of the hat and fringe the top with scissors. Adjust the fringe edges with your fingers until they look the way you want.
Tie a strip of material or mitten scrap around the neck to fashion a scarf. Glue in place if desired. Glue two buttons to the front of your snowman. With black fine tip marker, dot on eyes and mouth. Use a small paint brush to apply orange paint for a nose and gently dab on a thin amount of pink for the cheeks.


Outdoor Snow Table
from: Martha Stewart

Invite young friends to gather around a table made of snow. Tightly pack snow (wet snow works better than the powdery kind) into two large galvanized tubs, and leave it overnight to harden. Overturn one tub, unmold the snow, and then overturn the second tub on top. (To ease the way, set the frozen tubs inside a garage or a shed for a half hour to warm the snow.) For a seat, use the same trick and a 5-gallon bucket.

From Martha Stewart Living, December 2007

Be sure to serve Snowman Treats...For Yummy ideas check out the 27/7 MOMS recipe ideas by clicking here.

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  1. This looks so fun! Thank you for posting it. Too bad we never get any snow…but maybe this would be a fun way to celebrate what winter COULD be like… 🙂

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