The Shot I Want For My Kid

We all dream of our kids getting a Shot at being accepted for who they are in life.

I stumbled across this video for the 2nd time now and once again was brought to tears. Tears because I saw my own child in this video, my own puzzle boy who day in and day out attends school, plays video games, builds legos, rides a bike goes to Cub Scouts just like every other little boy his age except Caleb does most of it alone.

Last week, I was able to go on a field trip with Caleb and his class mates. I love hanging out with my little guy and it gave me the opportunity to observe if Caleb was getting the shot he needs

My observations made me realize the lack of training our schools give to both teachers and students on inclusion integration.

I observed my child having no one to sit with to eat his lunch.

I was given a list of children to chaperon that my child had no idea who they were.

I was given 2 additional children besides my own which meant a group of 3. We all no what happens in a group of 3 especially when one is a puzzle child.

When the field trip organizer asked the children to get in pairs who would be left standing alone? Yes, my little puzzle boy. Which resulted in the class teacher then placing him with two children that we and the resource teacher have asked him to not be placed with

I observed a child playfully hitting my child in the minds of others. But, this mom knows it was not playful it was the classic picking on a child who doesn’t understand when someone is being mean to him.

All of these observations have brought a slew of questions to us as a family and our research has begun once again as to the best placement for Caleb to get a shot.

What we dream of is our little boy getting a shot in life just as you see in this video a team that accepts and understands a puzzle boy. Teachers, coaches, classmates and parents who are willing to give him a shot.

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