Kicking Off 2010 on a Clean, Green Slate


It’s a new year, and by now you’ve likely committed (or procrastinated) on some sort of resolution. Perhaps, a pledge to do more for your environs? Ring in a sparkling new decade by thinking local – I mean LOCAL, starting with your very own closet. Time to do more with less and get rid of the rest! C’mon, do you really need August 1996’s issue of Vogue? Really?
Okay, let’s start with one closet at a time and work our way around the planet. With a well-organized closet, you’ll be able to make use of what you do have and find you’ll actually need to consume less. Here are some tips on how to create a true “miracle closet.”
Empty everything out of the closet onto the floor. Everything!
– Create four piles: “keep,” “give away,” “recycle” and “store.” If you can’t remember the last time you used something, get rid of it! Think about the reuse your worn clothing will get from those who need it.
– If you love an item and really can’t let it go, mark it with today’s date and tuck it away. If you go back to it within the next few months then keep it; if not, it’s time to let someone less fortunate enjoy it!
– Consider the benefits of digital photos: take pictures of nostalgic items you toss, and file images of items you store so you know exactly what is in each box.
– Use clear containers so you can see everything inside.
– Whether you organize your closet by season, occasion, style or clothing type, always organize by color within each category for easy access.
– When selecting a storage unit, think green. Be sure to seek full-service storage companies that use boxes made of 100% recyclable materials and use warehouse-style facilities that store items in reusable wooden vaults – greener for you, greener for the environment.

Laura McHolm is an organization expert and co-founder of NorthStar Moving Corporation

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