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What a great way for teens to decorate their rooms without leaving a mark and expressing their creativity!!

More than 100 SKUs. Seventy styles. Seven color palettes. Infinite ways for teens to make a personalized style statement. New flair4all reusable wall decals launched in July 2009—and thanks to their proprietary SmartRelease® adhesive, have rendered teen decorating rebellion risk-free. These new wall decals offer designs to fit any teen’s style—whether she’s a diva, a rocker or somewhere in between. Best yet, flair4all decals come off surfaces just as easily as they go on. Flair4all has come to the rescue of style-stymied teens everywhere who are barred from self-expression because of parental drywall anxiety.

“A teen’s room is her sanctuary, a statement of her self-expression,” says flair4all product development director Suzanne Stelzer. “With flair4all, teens can change their rooms as often as they change their style. It gives them an easy and affordable way to test the bounds of their style without testing their parents’ limits, or having to live with the consequences of a room decorating disaster.”

Flair4all’s design diversity encompasses numerous teen decorating trends, from beachy to glam to retro and more. Color palette options include diva glam, pastel posh, raspberry truffle, candy crush, vintage charm, electric ink and mayhem. Plus flair4all will stick to tons of different surfaces like walls, painted cinderblock, doors, bookshelves, glass, mirrors, and lockers.
Packages of flair4all are sold exclusively on the product’s Web site,, for $20.00. Flair-packs include three 12 x 17-inch sheets with decals of various sizes and designs. Collections include flair-packs with coordinating themes and colors including dry erase flair and individual letters for teens to spell out their own messages. also offers a lot more than purchase opportunities. Visitors are encouraged to rate and review products and share their own decorating ideas. They can even upload photos of their rooms after they’ve been flaired.

“We’re serious about people finding what styles fit their voice best,” says Stelzer. “But we’re not just helping teens express their voices, we’re also listening. We wanted to make sure our Web site felt like it was theirs too. The interactivity allows them to make their mark, not only on our site but, ultimately, on our brand.”

Teens will also make their mark on flair4all’s marketing. In the coming months, flair4all brand ambassadors, also known as Expressionistas, will help introduce teens across the country to flair4all.

Teens Can Make Their Mark /Add One
The Expressionistas will share their personal experiences and their flair4all decorating ideas on the brand’s social network pages like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. They’ll also share free samples with their friends and teens at local events.

About flair4all
Flair4all is a design and product development company located in Madison, Wis., that’s all about home décor and helping people find a risk-free way to creatively express themselves. Launched in 2009, the flair4all team is always dreaming up new ways to help people make the most out of all their spaces.

Check out flair4all on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

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