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Vermont Country Store

Game night Gift Box from Vermont Country Store

All the fixings for a great, yet inexpensive, evening with family and friends: 4 classic kids’ card games in a collectible tin, a set of pick-up sticks, Vintage Tiddledy Winks, Password, Authors Card Game, 1 lb. of Guittard’s rich dark chocolate nonpareils, and 1 lb. Bridge Mix (a mix of cashews, almonds, raisins, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, filberts, and Brazil nuts drenched in milk chocolate). A great idea for families, friends, and new homeowners. Prewrapped—just add bow! Smiles not included.
Introduce someone on your gift list to the joy of Game Night.

Vermont Country
store web site has everything from Candy, holiday decorations to home décor, clothes toys etc. the specialize in the practical yet hard to find items


Chalkboard Weekly Calendar from Scribbleoneverything
Plan out your weekly activities, chores and/or meals – all without dirtying your house with dust. With the new-fangled chalkboard decals from ScribbleOnEverything.com, you can plan your week without haunting memories of clapping chalk erasers as a kid. The vinyl decals are simple to apply to any clean, smooth surface and all decals are easily removable without leaving a sticky residue.

The decals can be easily applied to most any surface, and can be easily removed without any sticky residue. Scribble on everything has a huge selection of Decals, Chalkboards even clothing and accessories stop by their web site and check it out great GIFTS. Be sure to see the 2010 wall calender perfect for families.

Baby Print Art

Are you in the process of decorating the nursery and need the right finishing touch?

Or are you updating the kids room and looking for something to make it more personal?

Baby Print Art is the perfect accent to your baby nursery or child’s room.We give you the unique opportunity to create custom, personalized wall art using your child’s photo and unique hand and foot prints.

Nowhere else can you find the quality and customizable options that you get with Baby Print Art.

Choose from our popular color choices or create a color combination to perfectly match your decor.
Choose the size and portrait combination that works best for you – hand prints, foot prints, or both or add your child’s photo!
All of our products are printed on Museum Quality Canvas and finished with a water-based UV coating to ensure that your artwork won’t fade, crack or peel. We even back it with a 100% Limited Lifetime Guarantee!


A vivabox is an exciting new product that combines the freedom of choice with the personal touch of a real gift. This two layered gift can be the answer to all of your gift giving dilemmas. The first layer is a gift inside the box that is intended to familiarize the recipient with the product. The second layer is the gift card that can be redeemed for their gift selection from a menu of choices.

1. You Pick The Theme. Do you have an idea as to what type of gift someone would like? Select one of our themes that you think they would enjoy the most. This is the part that gives it a personal touch.

2. They Try The Samples. They open the box and enjoy the gift inside. Depending on the box this could be a gift to try, taste or use and they all relate to the theme of the box.

3. They Choose The Gift After enjoying the first gift, the recipient visits this website and enters their card number. They will be taken through the redemption process where they choose their final present. This is where the freedom of choice happens.

Result: You have given them a present they actually WANTED! The basic theme was chosen by you for a personal touch but the actual gift was customized by the recipient. This ensures that you have given what he or she will most enjoy. Plus, they got to experience the joy of receiving the perfect present for longer than ripping off the wrapping paper.

ZipperBack Gloves

ZipperBack Gloves were designed with children in mind; unlike other children’s gloves on the market, there’s a zipper closure on the back instead of Velcro, and the thumb opening is much closer to the other finger openings.

The ZipperBack design is sleek and snug fitting eliminating the bulk of excess fabric. A heavy duty elastic gather on the inside of the wrist keeps the glove snug around the wrist without the use of an additional strap.

Ease Of Use. Soft, flexible zippers designed and engineered to make the 90 degree turn on the back of the hand.
Large zipper pull for easy gripping with your gloved hand.

Emotional. Mittens are maddening for a toddler. Upset they will take off their mittens exposing their hands to the cold. Once kids are cold, the fun is over. Having a glove that goes on easily and quickly is a joyful experience for a parent and their child.

The Most Sanitary Glove Ever Made.Having a ZipperBack completely open the back of a glove provides for air flow inside the glove so it can thoroughly dry. Being able to access the inside of the glove makes washing more effective.

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