This Week’s SWEET of the WEEK! – Layers Cupcakes

Layers Cupcakes was founded in 2006 out of a love for good food most of all cupcakes ๐Ÿ™‚ and a desire to share Ebony Davis’ unique experiences at her Grandmother’s and Mummy’s shoulder with the rest of Los Angeles. They broke the mold with their accomplishments and passed that on to her sister and herself; They’ve said it before they like to live outside the conventional cupcake pan. Sorry if you were looking for plain chocolate or vanilla but why not give your taste buds a surprise. They ask that you order by the dozen and let them know where they can drop off your special treats. They need two days notice for an order. If you need them that same day they’ll try to accommodate you but they ask that you call! From Fruity Flavors like Blood Orange Mango Creamsicle and Strawberry Key Lime to Epicurean Flavors like Jasmine Ginger and Tiramisu you can’t go wrong with Layers Cupcakes!
They can do decorations for birthdays and other occasions so just ask. For those of you with pesky nut allergies you can request our flavors nut free they wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything fun you’ve probably had enough of that.

Check out the YUMMY treats from Layers Cupcakes TODAY!

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