Santa Leaves A Mess In My House

Each year when our children wake up Christmas morning they discover Santa has made a mess of our home by leaving his boot prints all over our home. He has wondered the halls and rooms checking in on each child while they slept, leaving behind bootprints on our carpet showing where He has traveled around our house.

This tradition began about 17 years ago when I found a Santa Boot print kit on clearance after Christmas in a local craft store. The kit include a Santa Boot print stencil and a can of Santa snow crystals. Over the years we ran out of Santa snow crystals and replaced it with carpet fresh powder.

I can remember when my neighbor kids would arrive at our door after they had opened all of their gifts at their house. They would walk in our door and say ” I don’t know why but every year Santa make such a mess at your house and not ours”.

I think this year I’ll add in Rudolph the Red nose reindeer’s nose print on my front window by taking some red lipstick or window paint and make a nose (circle) print on the window as if Rudolph was peeking in our window watching Santa leave the gifts under the tree.

Our tradition of Santa making a mess in our home is one my kids talk about year after year.

Tip: I did find online where you can purchase your own Santa boot print kits at Official Santa Mail web site.

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3 Responses

  1. This is a really cute idea! Unfortunately, my kids are a little older. When they were little, we use to leave milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. We would put a little piece of cotton on the mug (after drinking some of the milk), and tell them it was part of santa's beard. That was a tradition that came from my husband's family. They still talk about it.

  2. What a cute idea – I've never heard of Santa footprints… wish I had known about them when my boys were small.

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