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Amy Hannold,

In our time, of financial insecurity, the term “frugal living” has fewer stigmas it may have once had. Pick up any magazine or newspaper; you’ll see covers boast of how it’s going to save you money. Manufactures and retailers have shifted their marketing from “Buy Me, It’s Cool”, to “Buy Me, I’ll Save You Money”. Everyone is talking about how much things cost, and how we wonder when the rise going to stop.

Time is as valuable (and in short supply) as money. Motivation too, can be intermittent, between paying bills and raising your family. Let’s begin with small changes that will mean big savings now; multiply them and you change your annual budget.

Prioritize, Focus and Make a Goal: Evaluate your receipts for one week. Prioritize where your money goes. Trade a daily coffee for a more significant treat (or savings deposit) at the end of the week. Chart your progress and share your success with others. Want to make a big purchase (without credit?) Paste a picture of your purchase goal inside your checkbook. Before you spend, weigh the worth of smaller, “habit” purchases against what you’re saving for.

Comparison Shop Instead of Impulse Buy: There is always a way to spend less. Taking the time to find the best price can sometimes also change your mind on the purchase. (If you choose to save (or eat in), over spending money, bank what you would have spent – watch your funds grow!) When dealing with salespeople, ask them, “Is this the best you can do, price wise?” Familiarize yourself with price matching policies. Don’t be pressured into buying, instead ask questions and get a second opinion. Pursue consumer ratings, so you know how the product has fared in use. and are good places to start. offers you discounts you can load onto your smart-phone. “MobiQpons” is a must-have phone-app which finds bargains and coupons wherever you go. You can also get scannable coupons, right on your phone.

Network! Make Friends and Save Money: Get to know your neighbors. Know what they are looking to buy or sell. Often, a mutually beneficial arrangement can be made when the word gets out. Multiply the eyes and ears that are searching for you and you’ll hear about a good deal. Websites such as,,,, and offer many finds, for less. Start a local Facebook group to unite your neighbors, sharing news of good deals in your area. Invite friends over and trade good ideas and frugal resources. Seek to encourage and equip others, and you’ll be blessed.

Author: Amy Hannold of

Frugal Quote for Thought:

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”- Benjamin Franklin

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