Count Down To Christmas Day 1

Day 1 – Today, we officially begin our tradition of counting down the days until Christmas with daily activities and surprises in our home.

This morning my children woke up to a wrapped gift in their bedroom. Upon opening their gift they will know that the fun has begun with their yummy chocolate countdown calenders.

Day 1 – Present children with advent countdown calenders.

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4 Responses


    I am a subscriber already. My favorite Crayola product is the Finger paints with Crayola Wonder paper. AMAZING to fingerpaint in the living room with NO worries of paint on anything. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  2. Is it possible for you to list what you do each day for the Christmas countdown. I love this idea and would love to do it this year. And of course, to be prepared, I just may need to see them ahead of time! If there is a previous post about it then just let me know a link and I will read it. My kids would love doing this!! Thanks bunches.

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