10 Last Minute Christmas Brunch Tips

Tip #1 – Order any last minute bakery items from your local bakery

Tip #2 – Make as many dishes ahead so that you only have to re-heat if needed.

Tip #3 – Set-table and / or Buffet the night prior or even day prior.

Tip #4 – Use paper products for large groups

Tip # 5 – Use Coffee and juice cups with lids ( avoid those spills)

Tip # 6 – Create DIY ( do it your self) stations including a beverage bar, toaster station, cereal and fruit buffet.

Tip #7- Layout all your serving dishes ( place notes on them of what they will be used for)

Tip # 8 – Make a list of what needs to be done the morning of along with cooking directions for each item you will be serving and your menu list.

Tip #9 – Simplify cleanup by placing a dish bucket on your counter for guest to place their used dishes in. Have a garbage can easily accessible for your guest to dispose of their garbage.

Top #10 – In need of simple recipes Check out the 24/7 MOMS Brunch ideas. Click here
Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.

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