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Any little girl around the ages of 10+ will just LOVE the Liberty Letters series of books. She would be so interested in the fun stories that she probably won’t even know she is also LEARNING about history!

The Liberty Letters series explores the lives of teens who courageously lived out their faith and commitment to God in challenging times. Using letters between good friends to tell the story, the series reveals the power of friendship, courage, ingenuity, and faith to make a difference in the key events of U.S. history.

Liberty Letters is a tribute to America’s foundation of faith and freedom. A historic photo section gives a snapshot of life during the era of each story. And now, a new generation can experience history as they discover how God works through ordinary people in extraordinary times.

The Personal Correspondence of Elizabeth Walton and Abigail Matthews- Adventures in Jamestown, 1613

In this book, Elizabeth Walton of London, England, corresponds with her friend, Abigail Matthews, Abigail is a daring adventurer who sets sail from London to make her home first in Jamestown, and then in Henricus, Virginia. The young women’s letters tell the exciting story of life in the New World and of Pocahontas and her conversion to Christianity.

The Personal Correspondence of Emma Edmonds and Mollie Turner-Assignment: Civil War Spies, 1862

Emma Edmonds enters the Civil War as a nurse whose first priority is to make sure each soldier she cares for knows Jesus. When a friendship sparks between her and Molly Turner, a Christian from the South who is torn by her role in the war, each is encouraged with a greater sense of duty as they correspond and contribute to the Union’s war effort.

Liberty Letters: The Personal Correspondence of Hannah Brown and Sarah Smith-The Underground Railroad, 1858

In this book, two Quaker girls, Hannah Brown, granddaughter of the most active abolitionist in slave-holding North Virginia, corresponds with Sarah Smith, daughter of “conductors” on the Underground Railroad in the free state of Pennsylvania. Together, the girls assist a runaway South Carolina slave family on their perilous trip from Virginia to Canada on the “freedom train.”

Liberty Letters: The Personal Correspondence of Catherine Clark and Meredith Lyons-Pearl Harbor, 1941

Two close friends, Catherine Clark and Meredith Lyons, share in the trials involved in having their fathers in the war. Catherine’s father has recently been called as a naval officer to Pearl Harbor from Washington, but because of her brother’s illness, the rest of the family stays behind. This disappoints the girls, as Meredith’s family has just moved to Honolulu. Both girls involve themselves in the war effort and their friendship proves to be invaluable.

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  1. I am already a subscriber.
    These books all sound like great reads. I am always interested to learn about history from a 1st hand perspective.

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