FUN Pre-Thanksgiving Family Activities

“Popping Fun” –
Our family Boo’s for Halloween and Eggs for Easter and now we are Popping for Thanksgiving ( thanks Val for the name idea). So, watch out. We will deliver Bottles of Pop (soda) and microwave popcorn along with a note that says “We just had to pop over and say We are Thankful for you!!!” Then we go to friends homes and play ding dong doorbell ditch.

Secret Bless You’s – Write down all the names of your family members, place them in a hat or box. Have each family member draw out one name of another family member, that is now their Secret person to bless . The next day they are to do something to show that person that they appreciate them, this is to be done secretly. This can be done with a note, creating a gift or card for them , do a chore for that person etc. This is teaching our children the habit of showing appreciation for others without getting credit for it.

Serving Others In Need

– Purchase and deliver a complete Thanksgiving meal to a family in need.

– Collect food for your local food bank – My 2 youngest boys enjoyed going door to door in our neighborhood collecting canned and boxed food for our local food bank all ages can help in this activity.

– Volunteer as a family to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at a local homeless shelter.

– Many grocery stores are giving away free turkeys with a minimum grocery purchase . Why not donate your free turkey to a family in need this year.

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