Fun Thanksgiving Tables Just For Kids

This Thanksgiving why not create a special table for the children who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with you.

Here are some FUN and SIMPLE ideas I came across –

Chalkboard Place mats

Chalkboard Place mats are a brilliant idea from la*T*da. You can use these year round. For DIY (do it your self) directions click here




Turkey centerpiece

Super fun and Simple Turkey centerpiece from Very Heatherly . For directions click here.


Turkey Coloring

Let your children color their way to a festive Thanksgiving table by Cindy Hopper. Click here to get all the directions and free printable.

Simple Ideas –


  • Get the kids involved in decorating their own table by making some of the decorations and setting the table.



  • Provide construction paper in a assortment of colors. They can make paper chains . The chains can be placed on the table or hung on the backs of chairs or even hung from the ceiling above their table.


  • Allow them to make their own placemats. One idea is They can draw “turkeys” from their own handprints and put them on the placemats . Have them write their names on them as their place cards.


  • Cover the Kids table with white butcher block paper . Draw the outline of assorted Thanksgiving symbols all over the paper and have the children color them in with crayons colored pencils or marking pens.


  • Decorate paper cups with Thanksgivng cut outs, leaves or stickers.


  • Place Thanksgiving treats at each setting – Chocolate turkeys, Candy corn, fall colored suckrers etc.



  • Place the children’s table near the adult table so they still feel they are being included. They will want to show off their creativity. Give them plenty of praise for helping to decorate their own table.



Do you have a fun table decorating idea for kids? email us at and share it with us.

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