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This weeks Sweet of the week featured on 24/7 MOMS Live were the AMAZING tasting Deluxe Mini M&M Taffy Apple and Deluxe Crushed Heath Bar Taffy Apple from Illinois Nut & Candy Co.

Illinois Nut & Candy
has taken the taffy apple to a new level. It starts out with caramel, and then is covered in milk chocolate and finished with authentic Mars Mini M&Ms or authentic Hershey Heath Bar pieces. This taffy apple is hand-made by chocolate professionals.

A company like this, this Willy-Wonka-esque factory, is all-inclusive too. It stems from the fact that the owner, David Levine, is lactose intolerant, some family members are diabetics, and others are watching their weight. He’s got one gluten-intolerant friend, another that keeps kosher, and a wife that’s partial to organic food. In his line of work he knows how hard it is to resist chocolate and candy, and David insists that nobody should feel left out. For those by choice or necessity must live lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, organic, kosher or any other lifestyle, David’s got their number! One customer ate David’s gluten-free red licorice and cried, having gone twelve years without her favorite treat.

As my kids say these YUMMY Taffy Apples would make the BEST gifts for anyone. So, stop by their web site and see the most AMAZING candy.

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24/7 MOMS get 15% off of their orders now through Feb 28, use the code “247sweet” at checkout.

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