Q: What were the MOMS chatting about during 24/7 MOMS Live web show?

A: This week on 24/7 MOMS Live we shared our own family tips on becoming the ECO Friendly Family and EFF.

Our viewers Comments and tips:

Living More Eco-Friendly; Inspires Creativity, Saves Money and More:

I love to shop at second hand stores! You can find great deals

I pay everything online Paying bills on-line is great – saves almost .50 per bill

We reuse Christmas cards and turn them into post cards

I love to reuse wipe boxes for marker and toy trucks

I do e-cards for birthdays

Use your magazines to wrap your presents

We use canning jars for gifts, prayer jars, activity jars, marbles n penny counting, etc

I love my reusable shopping bags! Many grocery stores will give you a nickel off per bag.

13 years of cloth napkins for us. My family thinks my cloth napkins are for looks. I keep trying to tell them they’re washable!!!

My husband takes a ceramic mug and a traveler mug with him!

We bake chicken breasts and such in our toaster oven

Use baking soda for lots of things

Baking soda gets your teeth so white

Here’s the homemade laundry detergent if anyone wants it: http://tinyurl.com/cgfkz3

I buy and resell clothes all the time

We re-read some of our magazines and the rest we use for projects such as collages and so on.

I make gift tags instead of cards – they just throw them away anyway

I like to reuse xmas card.. You can use the front as a post card

Find and trade books: paperbackswap.com

You can get magazines online too, like Zinio

Great book DVD and games site is SWAPTREE.com all you pay is shipping when you trade with people

I like the idea of making a family tradition out of planting a tree afterwards though.

Partylite candles in bayberry and pine help your house keep that “real tree” scent when you use an artificial tree

Cardboard boxes are always the best gifts. LoL Makes me wonder why I buy toys for my kids when all they do is play with the box

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2 Responses

  1. Those are some really great tips!

    Our family tries to be green as much as possible. We do many of these things as well as some others.

    One person mentioned PaperbackSwap, but they have a site for swapping dvd's too – you can actually use it similarly to Netflix, but without monthly fees. . . and the bonus is that you only pay shipping when you mail out a dvd to another member. If you don't have dvd's to send, the credits are around $4.00 to buy, so you are getting a dvd for around $4.00).

    One of the most helpful things we have in our home is a programmable thermostat. I keep the temperature of the house a little on the low side anyway, but having that allows us to let it go really low at night when everyone is snuggled under the warm covers anyway.

    Thanks for all the great tips!

    ~ Wendi

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