Pumpkin Carving Fun

Fall has arrived and the pumpkins are ready to be harvested So why not have some Pumpkin Carving fun this season with our tips and tricks of Pumpkin carving.

1. Get out in the crisp fall air and take your kids to a local pumpkin patch. Many of them offer other fun activities such as corn mazes and hay rides. Stop by Pumpkin patches and more web site to discover what is happening in your state.
2. Host a Pumpkin Carving Party with neighbors and friends.
3. Search for NEW fun carving and decorating designs
– Search online for pumpkin carving templates.
-Check your local stores for pumpkin carving decorating kits
– Search on line for pumpkin carving decorating kits.

4. Paint your pumpkins – great ideas at Better Homes and Garden web site.

5 . Save your pumpkin seeds to make yummy roasted seeds Click here for 24/7 MOMS recipe.
6. Make a pumpkin carving tool kit to place all your supplies in to use each year.

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  1. I hosted a pumpkin carving contest quite a few years ago now. It was soooo much fun! I was very impressed at how good some of my friends were at carving pumpkins. And others took it VERY seriously! 🙂 Me, I do the two eyes and nose and mouth. Not very creative I guess but the kids are just as thrilled when a lighted candle is placed in it.

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