"Mythbusters" Can Water Blast A Rocket?

With a Weeblo and a Cub Scout living in my home we seem to have new experinces every week as they continue to earn their badges, pins and belt loops. Recently they had a pack meeting focused on rockets. So, when asked to review the latest edition to the Elmers web site : “Mythbusters” Weird world of water kit. I knew my boys would think it was the coolest, getting to experiment the mysteries of water and if water really can blast a rocket into space.

The “Mythbusters” activity kits are trial and error hands-on format, made popular by the Discovery Channel’s top show. Each kit has several myths to “bust” regarding the specific title. Kits include: Power of Air Pressure, Forces of Flight and the one we reviewed Weird World of Water.

The Weird World of Water just received the Family Fun Magazine 2009 T.O.Y. award.

The Discovery Channel’s popular team of crazy Mythbusters find the truth behind urban legends using the scientific method and plenty of curiosity and ingenuity. Their unique and offbeat approach to science brings excitement to this kit that teaches kids all about the properties and power of water.
Aspiring mythbusters will test the secrets of water as they uncover its many mysteries. Water freezes and boils and turns into gas – is there anything it can’t do? They’ll find the mythbusting answer to that and many more questions:

  • Can water suck a ship down the drain?
  • Will you find hot water at the North Pole?
  • Can water blast a rocket into space?

Kids will test the power of whirlpools, create a liquid rainbow, learn how to walk on water, and much more with the Mythbusters.
The “Mythbusters” kits are the perfect gift for budding scientist or kids who love to explore and discover.
“Mythbusters” kits are available nationwide at Toys “R” Us, Target and Walmart. Ages 9 and up.

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