Making reading FUN!

Create reading FUN in your home with one or two of these ideas:

– When reading to your child have your child draw a picture about what they just read – or what you just read to them – helps with comprehension and memory .

– Reading with children even when they can read on their own – they read a page you read a page. This allows them to hear the story. Sometimes, they get so caught up in the “words” they don’t hear the story

– We Use books on CD while in the car. Provide headphones and portable Cd players for your children so they can listen to the stories of their choosing and not everyone in the car has to hear it.

– Use incentives – Create book bucks that you give them after they have read a certain number of pages or books. Offer trips to the library or bookstore as rewards.

– Record your children reading stories. Kids love to hear them selves. These also make fun gifts for grandma and grandpas

– Kids love to cook. The next time you cook with your children, read the recipe with them. Step-by-step instructions, ingredients, and measurements all are fun opportunities to read.

– Messages for kids : Put short simple messages on the refrigerator door for your child to read or put notes in their lunches.

– Question Game: Create a sentence such as The neighborhood children are outside roller skating. cut up the sentence make a pile of the words

Ask you child to answer the question using the words in the pile.
Q: Where are the neighborhood children?
A: The Children are outside

Q: What are the Children doing?
A: The Children are roller skating

– Find fun reading tools such as Apps for your Iphones, Nintendo DS reading games, computer reading games/programs, Mark My time reading time trackers.

How do you inspire your kids to read?

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