Friday Fun Day – Family Movie Night

Friday Fun Day – It’s Friday fun day. The easiest Friday fun to create is a Movie Night. Kids love to watch their own movies over and over, so this can also be a super frugal Friday Fun day. Or you could head to your local video rental store and pick up a new DVD they have not see n yet.

So, pop that popcorn grab a few yummy snacks and snuggle up with a pile of blankets and pillows it’s family Movie night.

* Friday Fun Day – Each Friday I create something ” FUN” for my kids. My goal is to encourage them to keep up on their family responsibilities ( chores) , homework, daily reading etc. and on Friday we celebrate with a treat. It can be as simple as placing a fruit by the foot in their lunches with an attached note saying “Happy Friday Fun Day” or more elaborate with a family outing or at home movie night.

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