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Everyone loves free stuff. These opportunities below offer you the chance to score some free stuff for you, and perhaps for a room full of your friends as well. The following are legitimate, author-tested, and worthwhile companies.

“Life’s a Party, Be a Host!” ( : “Life’s a Party, Be a Host” Register here and you’ll receive invitations to apply for an upcoming product promotion. You only apply for the parties you’re interested in. If chosen, you’ll receive all the party-planning tools you need, and a bunch of great goodies to share with your friends. Share photos and ideas from your parties with the Houseparty online community. Your party could be among the first to sample music, food, drink, household products, etc.

All You Magazine; “Become an All You Reality Checker” (

Join All You Magazine’s online community and you may receive the chance to try a product (for free!), and/or have your thoughts included in the magazine (How cool would that be to see your name in a magazine!) All You Magazine’s online community is full of great ideas, advice exchanges between readers, and links to coupons.

Take Surveys, Try Products, Earn Rewards, Get Cool Stuff: ( has been around for several years. It is part of the largest provider of consumer feedback and analysis. As NFO, it has been in the business of collecting consumer survey information since 1946. In 2001, it became the online “MySurvey” community. Surveys invitations are sent via email. They can also be conducted via mail, if you choose. Based on your answers, you may be chosen to participate in a product testing survey. Compensation is in the form of points; points can be redeemed for cash, sweepstakes tickets, or charity donations.

Vocalpoint; “Imagine That”;

Expect unexpected coupons, samples in your mailbox when you’re a member of Vocalpoint. Exclusive offers, coupons and information are great reasons to join. A Vocalpoint mailing to you usually includes coupons for you (a free or high-value coupon) – and coupons for you to share with friends.

Swagbucks; “Be Rewarded”; (

Utilize the search engine that rewards you for using it. Periodic awards of “Swagbucks” step you closer to gift cards, merchandise, and even Paypal cash. When friends you’ve invited to join Swagbucks win for searching, you win a Swagbuck as well.

Become a BzzAgent: Spread the Word! (

“Bee” the first to discover new products, and have something to talk about with your friends when you become a “BzzAgent”. As part of their community, you help to influence companies who create what we buy. You can opt to apply for a “BzzAgent” product test, where you’ll be sharing new products with your friends.

Walmart’s “What’s in Store Now” Free Samples (

Receive spam-free, fast and fun samples from Walmart. Hallmark cards, feminine products, snacks, lotions, and more can be yours free, by mail. Check back often, as new sample offers emerge frequently. (If you’re a Sam’s Club or Costco member, check their websites for periodic free samples.)

FREE Magazines: No Credit Card Required!: (

Give them a few minutes of your time and your feedback on a particular type of product and you’ll receive a free, no-strings attached subscription to some of the top magazines. I don’t participate in their sweepstakes, and I have one person whom I “refer” during the survey process, so there’s not any harm in dealing with One piece of wisdom however: Start a “Magazines Log Sheet” somewhere in your record keeping. (Using a “Home Organized Notebook”, for example would keep this and other information regarding your online activities close at hand). Though RewardsGold will not send you any junk mail from your getting the free magazine from them, the magazine publishers will. Just as with any other magazine subscription, you will receive repeat offers for renewal. (They’re making them look so “official statement” looking these days!).

When taking advantage of a free magazine offer, note in your “Magazine Log Sheet” the following info. (Doing this will save you having to remember the details later):

Date Requested, Title of Magazine, Source of Free Offer, Subscription Length, and When Received.

The “When received” will help you keep track of when the actual subscription expiration will be. You can find the expiration on the mailing label – refer to this or your “Magazine Log Sheet” before paying any money, should you opt to renew the magazine. (Sites such as, and offer the best rates for purchasing magazines).

Other sources of Free Stuff? – Go to the “Source”

Visit the manufacturer of your favorite products. When they’re introducing a new flavor or product, they’ll offer you a sample. Coupons, recipes, and family fun ideas are featured too.

A bit of advice regarding other offers for “Free” samples or product testing: If the offer for a free stuff is tied to a series of never-ending product offers/surveys, requires you join a for-fee company, or whose links does not directly link you back to a trusted manufacturer website, don’t do it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When requesting free samples, use a “spam email address”, if you’re unfamiliar with whom you’re dealing with. Personally, I never give out exact birthdates for anyone in my household. Keep a log sheet or separate MS Word file to keep track of your passwords and usernames.

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