Do You Quamut?

By:Amy Hannold,
It’s not just for geeks and business folk…. Quamut is Barnes and Noble’s efficient, affordable quick-reference card for anything you want to do.
From Access to Excel, crock-pot cooking, to explaining your prescriptions, Quamut is a portable, quick-study for learning all about those things you might otherwise be wanting (and waiting) to read a book about.
Quamut is printed in chart format, laminated for long-term use and convenience. Detailed – step by step directions with photos and illustrations.
Quamut is available in both PDF (Download instantly from for just $2.95, order the print version, or find it in your local store. (According to Barnes and Noble, These PDF files range in size from 150K to 5 MB and take about 1 minute or more to download with a 56K modem or in less time over a broadband connection.).
Several of the Quamut guides were printed in 2007. Barnes and Noble may not be able to sell you a new one of your choice via their website. Some titles I was interested were also not available to be downloaded. However, using their “Pick Me Up” (find in their store system), their website was able to locate one at a local Barnes and Noble.
Here are just a few topics of interest:
“Being a Maid of Honor”
“Crochet Project; Mini Purse”
“Planning Meals”
“Car Care and Emergency Roadside Guide”
Go ahead and learn something new! Cut down that reading list and start now, on a project or goal you thought was further away!
As a gift for my bachelor younger (frugal) brother, I purchased a print-version of the Quamut Crock-Pot Cooking guide. He loved it. It was just the right amount of information he wanted to get started with his slow cooker. For me, a more experienced crock-pot cook, I found the 30 recipes to be an inspiration.
Quamuts would make great additions to a gift basket. Instead of the traditional book, give someone some helpful information they can use (and read) now!
Example: A great gift would be the “Car Care and Emergency Roadside Guide” Quamut reference along with an emergency flashlight (with batteries!).
Downloading a Quamut: I purchased a Quamut, from Within minutes, I received a link to my Adobe PDF download. I received and copied to my desktop, a 6-page PDF. Awesome, quick reading that I can reference anytime. Well worth the $3.20 and it takes up less space and time than a conventional book. I’m already smarter and inspired!

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