Deal Of The Day – Halloween Freebies and Deals

DEAL of the Day – Halloween Freebies and Deals at local restaurants.

Freebie Taco Bell Taco – On Halloween from 6pm to midnight Taco Bell is giving out FREEbie black tacos. It’s not a trick it’s their treat.

Freebie Papa Murphy’s Pizza -Visit your local participating Papa Murphy’s on Halloween and your children will receive a FREE mini pizza in they are in their costumes.

Fast Food Restaurant Halloween Treat coupons are great for Trick-or -Treat or just keeping in the car fr those need a snack times with your kids.

Deal Wendy’s Frosty Coupons- Stop by Wendy’s and purchase the Halloween Treat coupons 10 coupons for a free Junior size Frosty for only $1.00. Coupons are valid from November 1 through February 1.

Deal Mc Donald’s Treat Coupons – Mc Donald’s Halloween Treat coupons are a great deal for $1 you get 12 coupons for free food items: 4 free apple dippers, 4 free cones, and 4 free apple juice or milks.

Deal Burger King Coupon Booklets – 8 value size french fry coupons for $1.00

*NOTE-each store may or may not be participating. I suggest you call before you head out to buy your coupon booklets

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