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Chat Ideas n Inspirations from the 247MOMS Live web cast on 10-20-09

Crock Pot Meal Ideas:

I made Asian chicken very affordably and easy in the crock pot. Skinned chicken thighs, Italian dressing and water chestnuts – then, over steamed rice!

I make the Pumpkin Spice Latte in my crock-pot!

Less expensive cuts of meat do really well in crock pots.

The small crock pots are great for snacks for a party like little wieners in bbq sauce

We do lots of dips when entertaining. Pizza Fondue:

Cornish game hens are good in the crock pot

With the liner, with the lid left on, most anything comes out good. Bottled salad dressing, chicken/beef broth, and cream soups make meat so good — then, serve over rice, potatoes, noodles or ?

I put Lipton onion soup mix on my roast in the crock pot

Boneless ribs…just add a bottle of sweet baby rays…yummy

Place the meat on top of onions; it keeps it out of the grease

Roast venison is my favorite

Freeze broth in ice cube trays then you can use as many cubes as needed

Roast will make great broths in the crock pot too

I use the juice from the roast to make my gravy

Roasting a ham does well in a crock pot. Stuffing too, did really well for me. It even came out crispy on top like we like it –

Chicken breasts in freezer bags: pour Asian or Italian dressing into the bag (marinates) — then thaw and bake. If you had more dressing, you could put the thawed contents in slow cooker

Crock Pot Cooking Websites and Books:

My favorite crock-pot website is

I like that she reviews the recipes on her site so you know if it is good

Recipezaar is a good site. With reviews too.

“Fix it and Forget It’ the series of cookbooks – very good with many variations and cook-comments

I love my “6 Ingredients or Less Slow Cooker” cookbook

General Crock Pot Comments and Ideas:

If you’re crock pot cooking, you’re thinking of dinner before 5 PM!

Crock pot cooking requires some planning — so you know what you need to cook ahead of time — saves on takeout! When I plan I save so much money by mot running to the store all week

Cheaper cuts are great for crock pots. I try to buy the cheapest meat and it always works just fine

Easy crock-pot cleanup: use Reynolds Slow Cooker Bags!

Use a separate crock-pot for craft/non foods

Use one of those big glass measuring bowls, chop your veggies and layer in the bowl. Store in refer over night. Then add the meat and broth in the AM — soups on!

Make your soup in a larger crock pot, and then freeze the extra soup in separate freezer serving bowls — hubby’s lunch is ready, in the freezer

Crock pot is cheaper use of energy. It uses way less than an oven

They’re (crock-pots) great in summer because you don’t have to get your kitchen hot

I usually start my bread machine and my crock pot on the same day — homemade bread and soup – husband is glad it’s Fall, finally

Chopping the veggies can be done in bulk too…..freeze in portions, then stack in your glass bowl the night before.

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