Back In The Hood

The MOMhood that is- Yes, I am back from 3 fast paced days at NESTLE headquarters, where I along with fellow Mom and Dad social in-fluencers meet as we discovered, discussed and dove into everything NESTLE.

I am looking forward to this new relationship with NESTLE and to begin sharing with you the 24/7 MOMS, all of the great fun and simple tips, yummy recipes and fun ideas to help us as we strive to Make Every Moment Count in our MOMhood journey.

Yes, I ate more then my fair share of NESTLE chocolate, Ice Cream, Cookies, WONKA confections, Stouffers yummy meals and so much more.

I landed right back into the reality of the MOMhood, laundry, homework, taxi driving, making lunches, cleaning house and the long list of mommy to do.

Then again I might be back in the MOMhood but in a little less than 24 hours I will board another plane for another trip, which I will reveal on this weeks 24/7 MOMS Live web show as it is a secret for my two teen daughters and if I announce it on the blog I’m pretty sure within the hour a text would arrive on one of their phones telling them where they were headed so you too will have to be surprised.

So, back in the MOMhood and glad to be here.

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