3 Steps to Crock Pot Cooking

By Nancy Peterson

Enticed to use that Crock Pot but you don’t know where to start? Here are a few easy steps to get you “hooked” on that much loved crock pot.

Step 1- Buy a ready made crock pot meal. Once you see how easy it is and how great the house smells, you’ll be ready to skip ahead but do step 2 in the meanwhile.

Step 2-Go to the library and check out crock pot or slow cooker recipe books for FREE or purchase one basic one like The Slow Cooker Bible.

Step 3- Start with a simple old fashion crock pot standard- Pot Roast.
A) Buy cheap roast (beef), potatoes, carrots, 2 cans cream soup, one package onion dry soup mix.
B) Brown meat on all sides with a splash of Worchester if you have on hand
C) Cut potatoes in half add carrots, and then meat and place in crock pot
D) Mix soups and add over the top
E) Place on low for 9-11 hours or high from 4-6 hours (time varies)
* This is a no fail crock pot basic with gravy included
* For cream soup use-celery or mushroom

I have been using my crock pot for over 16 years and LOVE it. You can make dinner in the morning which makes the dinner hour less hectic. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!!

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