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Most people don’t realize carpets and floors harbor more germs than virtually all the other surfaces in their home combined. That’s why Oreck® is introducing the Oreck Halo, the world’s only upright vacuum that uses ultraviolet light to clean and kill germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and mold.

How It Works

The Oreck Halo uses proprietary UV-C technology – the same technology that safely
and effectively disinfects drinking water and sterilizes operating rooms – to eliminate
many of the harmful things you can’t see.

A high-powered UV-C bulb is housed in a patented light chamber with a durable quartz
glass exterior, and independent tests prove this UV-C light kills more than 99 percent
of many common germs it comes in contact with.

With the Oreck Halo, it’s possible to vacuum and kill germs with no extra effort, no
extra time and no extra cost. This translates to a better, safer and healthier clean – all
without damaging or fading carpet, tile or hardwood when used properly.
What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

“Every time we enter our homes, we track in germs, bacteria and viruses from
outside,” said David Oreck, Founder of the Oreck Corporation. “Think about when you
come home from work, or when the kids come in all dirty after playing outside. What
about the dog digging in the neighbor’s trash?”

According to independent tests by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiology professor at the
University of Arizona, carpets, tile and hardwood floors can have up to 4,000 times
more germs and bacteria per square inch – even after vacuuming – than the toilet

“The Oreck Halo represents the future of home hygiene. It gives you peace of mind
knowing that you’re doing all you can to provide a clean and healthier environment for
your entire family,” Oreck added.

Survey Reveals Little Awareness of Home Hygiene

A January 2009 Kelton Research survey of 1,000 American adults revealed that 6 in
10 have submitted to the “three-second rule” and eaten food that has fallen on the

In the same survey, only 16 percent correctly identified carpet as the dirtiest home

When told the number of germs and bacteria on carpets and floors, nearly 80 percent
indicated strong interest in a product that could minimize this health concern.

Genesis of the Oreck Halo

The technology for the Oreck Halo was born from one family’s quest to protect its
premature triplets. Ken and Carrie Garcia were told their best option was to rip up all
their carpet to minimize exposure to potentially fatal germs and allergens.

Ken, who worked in a water-treatment plant, believed there was a better solution.
After considerable research and engineering, he was able to incorporate the same UV-
C technology he used everyday to safeguard the drinking supply into the bottom of a

“We wanted to share our invention with families everywhere, so we took it to David
Oreck because of his longstanding commitment to quality products,” Ken Garcia said.

Oreck, boasting a storied history of innovation, views UV-C as the most significant
emerging technology in homecare and home hygiene. It acquired this technology from
the Garcias and made more than 100 design and performance enhancements to
deliver the Oreck Halo with a vastly improved user experience.

The Oreck Halo has two high-powered motors. One drives the “brushroll” that fluffs
the carpet’s nap while the other delivers maximum suction and pickup, which means
the dirt and germs it kills are quickly trapped inside the HEPA 13 filter bag for safe
removal. The bag is so tightly woven that dead germs stay inside, and Oreck’s
patented Sani-Seal tab prevents them from escaping when emptied.

An ordinary vacuum may pick up some germs, but they may still be alive inside the
bag or canister. When emptied, it’s possible those germs are transported from one
part of the house to another.

The Oreck Halo’s patented UV-C light comes with a five-year warranty and the
vacuum has a three-year warranty and includes three free tune-ups at any Oreck
Clean Home Center.

The Oreck Halo is available for $599.95 on Oreck’s Web site (, in 450
Oreck Clean Home Centers nationwide or by calling Oreck directly at 888.600.HALO

About Oreck

Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., Oreck Corporation is a leading manufacturer in the
homecare industry, offering a variety of vacuum, air purification and other cleaning
products. Oreck sells its products through approximately 450 Oreck Clean Home
Centers, as well as through phone and online direct sales. The company distributes
products in the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe. For more information, please visit

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  1. I'm a subscrbier. This sounds like interesting technology. I know about household germs, but prefer the germs to the chemicals.

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