Technology Simplifies the Family Data

With 5 kids I am always looking for a SIMPLE way to keep track of all the important data on my children in a safe and secure way. Now I discovered The Family Vault App by IconApps that I can download to my Itouch and have my family date at my finger tips in a safe and secure place. Another App to simplify my MOM world by IconApps.

tracks critical family data like Social Security numbers, blood types, passport numbers, and birthdates and locks them up for quick retrieval in the emergency room or wherever they’re needed.

Some facts and figures are so important, they can make the difference between life and death, admission or rejection, boom or bust. FamilyVault from IconApps tracks seriously critical data like Social Security numbers, blood types, account numbers, and emergency plans. When every digit and every second counts, FamilyVault has got your back. For more information about IconApps iPhone apps, please visit

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