Saving TIME with My Fridge

Do you ever think “How can my appliances save me time as a mom?” My new Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator has arrived and has amazing time saving features that you need to know about.

Frigidaire’s TOP 5 features to save time according to Trisha

1. Ice, Ice, Ice and more Ice – The Quick Ice feature delivers up to 37 percent more ice. Which means More Ice faster when entertaining and those hot summer days.

2. Can you say ” Freeze”? – The Quick Freeze feature Quickly freezes whatever I store to keep foods at their freshest. No more soft ice cream.

3. Simply Clean – Gone are the smudges of fingerprints the new stainless steel surface on my Frigidaire Gallery is smudge free, unless those peanut butter fingers attack it. I find myself going several days without having to shine my refrigerator. Before it was a daily task and often twice daily.

4. Thirst Quencher –The Automatic ice and water dispenser has inspired the Novotny’s to drink more water. With both crushed and cube ice features along with the cold water my kids are found daily at the fridge door dispensing another glass of ice cold water all by themselves no more “MOMMY, I’m Thirsty”.

5. Stuck on you –The Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel refrigerator doors are magnet friendly which means I can now display my “Novotny Family’s busy week schedule” ( watch for my MOM tip tomorrow and giveaway). My kids have no more excuses to knowing their schedules. Another MOM world simplified feature and save me time of NOT having to tell them one more time their schedules.

Oh, and did I tell you I’m filling my Frigidaire Gallery freezer with Aunt Jamima frozen pancakes a simple time saving breakfast for my kids as the head off to school each morning? Today you can WIN some yummy pancakes for your kids. (see giveaway below)

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