Peer Pressure Begins – Does it really matter?

” Dad, Can you help me put my shoes on the right feet today? “ I heard Caleb at the front door making this request as he was headed out the door for school. I wondered why today that mattered. For several years now Caleb has worn his shoes on the wrong feet 9 out of 10 days, even when we tell him his shoes are on the wrong feet he responds with ” it really doesn’t matter, I’m OK “. But, today he is not OK with it and it matters.

Once Caleb was out the door and on his way to the bus, I inquired about Caleb’s request. The dad informed me that the kids at school were making fun of his shoes being on the wrong feet. Ah ha peer pressure gets you every time I thought, and for a moment I was relieved that finally Caleb would now wear his shoes on the correct feet. But, then it hit me and yes my eyes filled with water as I realized Caleb is becoming more and more aware of having to fit in, fit in so that he does not get made fun of because reality is that he really is OK with his shoes on the wrong feet, it is only the rest of us that think it’s not OK.

Have you ever thought about how many things we do to fit in, so that others don’t make fun of us? so that others accept us ? so that others approve of who we are?

Yes, I think Caleb should wear his shoes on the right feet. Not because it’s right but because isn’t it more comfortable? and I would think it would be better for his feet and wear and tear on his shoes. However, I don’t want my children to be peer pressured into decisions even if it is just wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. I want them to be leaders, to make their own choices, to be OK with who they are, and to not allow it to matter……The life lessons continue.

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  1. Kids can be very cruel. Peer pressure is so different today and I feel that kids have less respect.Maybe it will change because of a drop in personal income and the flaunting of expensive ,thinking they are better attiude will change. It would be nice to see people more humble
    Be happy and thankful for what you have

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