MOM Tip- DIY Pirate Costumes

MOM Tip – With a sword carrying pirate in my home I have had to create a few quick Pirate costumes over the years. Here is my SUPER SIMPLE Pirate costume Tip for you.

Materials Needed:

1 Red or White t-shirt
1 pair black sweat pants
1 strip of black or stripped fabric


Top – Frey the bottom of the t-shirt making jagged cuts. ( upside down triangles).

Pants – Cut the pants so they are mid calf length, then frey the bottom of each leg making jagged cuts (upside down triangles).

Belt – Cut a long strip of fabric to tie around your child’s waist as their pirate belt. An old belt of yours or your husband will work as well.

Option- you can also use a smaller strip of fabric to tie around their head or use a scarf.

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