Enjoying Fall with Your Family

Ideas and Inspiration, Compiled by Amy Hannold, Familytimeandmoney.com

Fall’s color and nature’s beauty is a wonderful season to share with your family. What do you look forward to when the season changes from blossoms to fallen leaves? Here are some ideas to make delicious, precious moments fun for your family (and we’ll toss in a few ‘learning opportunities as well!).

Research the events of surrounding communities. A field trip or day trip to a local festival or fun event can be a great way to scout out future recreation opportunities. While you’re there, visit the chamber of commerce, library, local museum or city hall. You’ll find a new adventures waiting not far from home. You might find a “fruit festival” here:


Enjoy the views and colors of fall in your own backyard. Science, family communication, and creation can all come into action here. Before you get the “How’s and Why’s” questions pertaining to the changes of nature, visit ScienceMadeSimple.com’s for clear and visual lessons in photosynthesis. Fall activity ideas, word puzzles and more:


Visit a local farm. Experience apple pressing, corn mazes, hot cider, scarecrows, and fall produce. Here are a few websites to point you in the right direction:



Along your walks, drives and tours, encourage your kids to be on the lookout for things they could use to create their own book. Leaves, brochures, drawings, stickers, photographs and their own words would make a treasured keepsake. Here are some “free n’ simple” directions on a variety of books you can make. Have your children be the illustrators, and help them journal their thoughts:


Families can get some great ideas for making learning-type books and special occasion books here:


On a practical note, warm up some colder fall nights with a “Family Candlelight” dinner. Start modeling and practicing those family dinner manners (before the holiday get-togethers arrive). Make the meal special with decorations you’ve made and stories of a fall theme. Familiarize your kids with dinner etiquette now and you’ll alleviate those last minute lectures and stern looks. The candlelight dinners will be a memory and the lessons will be remembered in a “fun, positive light”.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the moments, to journal and photograph – you’ll treasure them for years to come.

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  1. This is such a great posting and so timely! As a busy mom, I am always thinking about what fun, educational activities we can do on the weekends to entertain my 4 and 6 year old.

    You mentioned some of the things and gave great links – local festivals, pumpkin patches. We've also gone on local dairy tours (fun to see the process of milk making), tour of the local firehouse, and gone on nature walks to gather leaves from all kinds of trees (then match them to a leaf book we got at the library). Fun stuff for the fall!

    Thanks for sharing the great tips and links!

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