Baby K’Tan Carrier

The Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier (patent pending) is a 100% natural cotton, unique, ergonomically designed & stylish soft baby carrier.

Offered in hip neutral colors, the Baby K’tan is a cross between a sling and a more structured front baby carrier, offering the positions and benefits of both, AND MORE!

Baby K’tan LLC is an environmentally friendly company which manufactures 100% natural cotton baby carriers without chemicals or azo dyes.
All carriers are CPSIA Certified and are manufactured under safe conditions. 100% Organic Cotton carriers, certified by GOTS, are now available for sale!

I really enjoyed using this wrap with my son. There are multiple ways of wearing the wrap and holding your child. My son was so comfortable in the wrap that every time I put him in it he fell asleep!
The main thing I really liked Baby K’Tan was the fact it wasn’t just one large piece of fabric that you had to wrap around your body many times. This wrap consists of two pieces of fabric (loops) that are held together by one small piece of fabric. The instruction booklet was easy to follow to create many different ways to hold your child.

I also liked how I was still able to move around and do things with my son “hanging” off of me. I was able to wash dishes and fold laundry. There wasn’t any strain on my back since the smaller piece of fabric that holds the two loops of fabric together situates itself in the center of your back to distribute all the weight evenly.

Review by: Dianna Bougher
24/7 MOM

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