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Tuesday night, on 24/7 MOMS live after the show chatting it up on our webcast, the moms were already chatting about Christmas shopping. We reminisced about the hectic times, long lines and expense which seem to “surprise” us every year. Many moms voiced how they are cutting back at Christmas, focusing on the true meaning of the holiday. Activities, family, and giving were the types of memories we wanted to enjoy this year.

Think forward, to those rushed months. Begin making your holidays brighter now. Here are some ideas to get you on the way to a happier holiday season:

Considering giving homemade gifts? Be the starter in your social circle! Get your friends together to search for gift ideas and the best deals on supplies. Set “appointments” on your calendar in the coming months to turn your “projects” into gifts. Visit your local library for books about homemade holidays and gifts. Here are a few places to start, online: Search keyword “Gifts” or “Food Gifts”. One recipe of note found there, the “Chili Gift Mix”. This would make an appreciated gift in a decorated container – and it looks like a great idea for making your own homemade chili seasoning! Creating the decorated jar would be the fun part! You can begin to keep an eye out for specials on the ingredients too.’s writers offer you a list of 101 Great Gifts to Make:

Start Your Holiday Shopping Now: Statistics and experience tell us that the most money spent, is spent as the holidays get closer. Avoid overspending when you buy gifts year-round. Make and maintain a list of whom you’re buying for and their likes/hobbies/etc. When you’re in the clearance aisles or other shopping places, consider what might make a great gift for someone you know. Maximize your efforts with a “Gift Closet Inventory” list. All things “Organized Christmas” can be found here:

Holiday Money; Determine a budget now! Talk with your spouse, children and extended family about the kinds of activities and gifts you want to share in this year. Before everyone goes their own way, come to some agreement so that everyone will enjoy their holidays. This fall, if you’re going to draw names or plan parties, do so well in advance for everyone’s planning needs. Forgo some present indulgences and contribute to a holiday fund that will be waiting for you once the expenses begin.

Memories; What Will You Share and Remember? If you want a different kind of holiday than in years before, begin to research new traditions and creative activities. Find resources and ideas in time to implement them with your best efforts. Exchange holiday ideas and traditions with your playgroups and neighbor. Swap favorite recipes before the holidays! Give yourself the advantage of time and you’ll create a holiday to cherish for years to come.

Some favorite books:

“The ADVENTure of Christmas”, by Lisa Whelchel

“Family Fun Homemade Holiday” (there are previous editions available, a new edition will be released in October 2009)

“Merry Christmas”, a Gooseberry Patch book

Taking these actions can make for a more meaningful holiday later. You’ll be ahead of the crowd and of clearer mind to enjoy the great many things there are to enjoy about the holidays.

Now that we’ve got you into the holiday spirit, go out there and find something you can give of yourself — to someone today. Whether it is a word of compliment, encouragement or sharing a bright idea — be someones sunshine. Fall is coming and acts of random kindness will be so much more valuable. Surprise yourself, and let a positive perspective out there begin with you.

Please share with us your homemade holiday plans, traditions, and ideas!

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3 Responses

  1. I LOVE homemade gifts and so appreciate those that take the time to make it for me. I have a friend who makes this to die for Chex mix, a box of that is a great gift and another friend makes my favorite rice krispie butterscotch thingies. Last year I asked a friend to come dowload fonts for me to my computer because i couldn't figure it out, that was a great gift another friend helped me organize my scrapbook room…I love those kinds of things so I try and do homemade/handmade too.

  2. This year for my neighbors, I am making a variety of note cards and giving them to them in a decorated lunch pail tin. Something I have been wanting to do forever!

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