MOM Tip : Groovy Rubber Gloves

MOM Tip: If you are like me you ONLY think of using those yellow rubber gloves for cleaning the toilet or possibly doing your dishes. Today I have some great new Groovy MOM Tips on using rubber gloves, that I found over at The Organized Parent. If you want other rubber products then check out the options like these Custom Manufactured Products on the net

Check out these unique ways to use them:

Remove pet hair: Dip your rubber gloves in cold water and shake off the excess. Then run your hand over furniture and clothing. Pet hair will collect on your glove.

Open a jar: Get a grip on tough-to-open jars and lids with a pair of rubber gloves. They work much better than that rubber mat your credit union gave you.

Hold slippery items: Ever struggle with a Thanksgiving turkey, moving it from the sink to the roasting pan or roasting pan to platter? Whether itโ€™s a buttered bird or a bathing baby, rubber gloves let you hold on tight.

Pull weeds: Weeds can be stubborn, but rubber gloves give you a good hold when pulling the tough ones out of your flower beds.

Sort your recycling: No matter how hard you try, there always seems to be a little left in your aluminum soda cans. And that little bit seems like a lot when it runs down your hand or on your jeans. Sort your recycling with rubber gloves and make a clean job out of the task!

Get out of (or into!) a tight spot: Rubber gloves are great for working in tight spots. Pull on tight bed sheets or pull up delicate pantyhose without worrying about poking a hole with your fingernail.

Now that we have some additional unique uses and reason to wear our rubber gloves more often wouldn’t you love a more fashionable pair…Introducing Groovy Gloves.

Protecting your hands — especially in winter’s dry weather — never looked so good! These new Groovy Gloves by Jillie Willie come in nine styles (from left): Orange Leopard, Caribbean Green with Black Polka Dot, Orange Pom Pom, Caribbean Green Disco Dot, Orange Cupcakes (a great Birthday Gift for the friend who has everything!), Caribbean Green Paisley, Orange with Black Polka Dot, Caribbean Green Leopard, and Orange with Pink Polka Dot. Caribbean Orange styles are latex; Green styles are latex-free. All gloves are flock lined.

You can purchase them at The Organized Parent.

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  1. I am already a subscriber via supercoupongirl AT, which is also where I may be reached if I am lucky enough to win. Thank you!

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